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Find Your Voice @ Singing Circle

Nourish yourself first.

Women of all ages & life stages are invited you to a weekly dose of nourishing connection through Natural Voice singing. (If you can speak you can sing!)

Find (or re-discover) your voice and there find your peace, your joy & your village.  Even if you think you "can't sing" - you can! A Singing Circle is not a choir.  You won't be forced into anything that's not comfortable for you.


Singing is good for mental and physical well being. When we reclaim our voice, it's a huge step along the path of feeling strong, confident and connected.

No sheet music. No auditions. No pressure.


Non-singers, shy singers, hairbrush divas and the simply curious - all welcome!


Next Singing Circle



10th & 31st July 

14th & 28th August

 10am - 11.30am

The Little Big House

Flour Mill Way, Summer Hill

1 x session $15 pp


Book any session and bring along friend for free!

In our Singing Circle there's no wrong or right notes, no sheet music, no auditions. 


Songs are taught by ear, in a relaxing, child-friendly environment.  We'll get to know traditional and contemporary songs - some from far away lands and from times long ago.  We'll add harmonies as we're ready for a complete sound bath experience for all! 


No solos or spotlights. Just a lot of fun in a group where you’ll meet new friends and (re) discover yourself.

Our Singing Circle is for women, mothers, sisters and grandmothers (and of course babies, toddlers and home-ed children). Inspired by the Singing Mamas movement in the UK, it’s a warm and welcoming place to connect with local women, in a grounding & supportive environment.

Would you like to join an Evening Singing Circle? 
If there's enough interest we can hold a Women's Singing Circle in the evening for those who are working or otherwise can't make daytime sessions.

Register your interest to be notified of details.
Introducing Singing Mamas

Introducing Singing Mamas

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What women are saying...

🎵 "Highly recommended! I had a very good experience singing in the Women's Singing Circle. It was really fun and a good way to relax. The songs are easy to learn even if English is not your native language. Fiona is an amazing conductor. She made everyone feel welcome."

🎵 "When I come away from singing circle, I just feel lighter, more joyful and more connected to myself, through the music and more connected to other people."

🎵 "Fiona makes singing accessible for everyone, providing an inclusive and fun singing experience for all ages and ability. She shares simple songs and mantras you can incorporate into your daily life if you choose, to help improve mental well-being. I leave her sessions feeling energised, uplifted and peaceful. Thanks Fiona!"

🎵  "Fiona's singing circle was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring my voice in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. The mantras and songs have stayed with me long after the session. Thank you Fiona."

🎵"It gives me time with other women, and the unity experience lost my whole week through"

🎵"I normally hate singing unless it is “massed” so that my voice is hidden. However I felt comfortable to join in. The facilitation was very clear"

🎵"I found it interesting that our non-singers were singing and enjoying it. I suppose we are exploring our voices, and the more we do it the better we get at it too."


I can’t sing, can I still join?

Absolutely YES! is the answer. So many people have been told or believe that they cannot sing.
Singing Mamas has proven again and again that all people have their own unique singing voice to be revealed. Have you ever wondered how you can sing quite well in the shower or in the car when nobody is listening but as soon as you open your mouth to sing with others you FREEZE and a strange noise comes out?
In no time at all you will find out just how to let go of all that holds you back and sing for joy with freedom!

I don’t have children, can I still come along?

Please do! We have plenty of women who come who are not mothers, are mothers-to- be, or who’s children are at school or even older. We’ve even had grandmothers and child-minders. Some women who are mothers prefer to come without their children which is also fine.  The underlying principle of Singing Mamas is that is is a child friendly space for women to feel comfortable bringing and attending to little ones during the session if they want/need to.

I’m so worried that if I come I’ll be put on the spot. Is it better that I don’t risk it?
You will never never never be put on the spot to sing alone or asked to demonstrate your part unless you have made it very clear that this is something you are comfortable with or would like to try.

I’m an experienced singer and I can read music is Singing Circle still for me?
Yes. Definitely. You certainly won’t be bored, if you are new to learning by heart, this might be a challenge you will enjoy. You’ll soon learn that there is no ‘wrong’ and your choir leader can also challenge you with more complicated parts if you'd like that.  Singing Mamas is also about community and singers of all experience levels can enjoy that!

I do have children but I want to come without them, is that ok?
Of course. some women adore to bring their wee one for the special time together, others prefer to have the singing time totally for them! or a mixture of is also totally fine. Listen to what you really need most.

Do I need to come each week?

Yes, Please do. It makes a huge difference to your own and to everyone else’s experience to have a full group of voices and to be able to build week-on- week new songs. Committing to a regular practise will give you the maximum benefits of singing and will also support everyone else’s learning. There is usually a waiting list of women keen to join your group.

It’s understandable that sometimes missing a session for illness etc. is unavoidable, but do please let me know in advance so that we don't wait for you at the start.

What do I do when my mama is singing?
While your Mamas sings, you are most welcome to play on the rugs in the middle with some little toys and enjoy the beautiful music that is surrounding you. You might want to crawl onto a lap for a snuggle and have a sleep or simply enjoy watching your beautiful Mama and all the other women take a little bit of time to recharge her batteries and take a few deep breaths ready for the rest of her busy, busy week!

But what if I have needs to be met, like I’m hungry or I need a new nappy?
That’s ok little one! Mama will be absolutely aware of your needs and she will listen and watch you carefully while she sings, she’ll know if you need a feed or a snack and she will scoop you up and look after you. The singing will carry on and she will join back in as soon as you are settled.  It’s even ok for you to cry if you need to, all the women are there to look out for all the little ones.

Can I bring my man along?
Sorry, but this is a no! Singing Mamas choir is crucially a space for women and children only.
It would be great to have a Singing Papas group, and a Mamas & Papas group is certainly a possibility down the track, but currently Singing Mamas follows the UK model of offering a women only space.


The Singing Mamas model

Singing Mamas was founded in the UK in 2010 by Kate Valentine.  


It is based on the National Health Service (NHS) 5 ways to mental wellbeing framework alongside the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (UK) guidelines for peer support.

● Singing improves breathing, posture and muscle tension and contributes to mothers’ physical wellbeing

● Singing releases endorphins which deliver pain relief and improved mood

● Singing reduces stress hormone levels, benefiting the immune system

● Singing stimulates cognitive function through learning new songs

● Singing helps forge social bonds particularly quickly, improving social networks
amongst mothers

● Singing creates a positive shared experience between mother and infant and
increases mothers’ confidence in her parenting abilities

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