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Science shows us, singing with others is a fast track for creating connection & trust. 


Singing is accessible to everyone - even those who believe they "can't sing".  Sessions are fun and respectful of participants, particularly those who may have reservations about using their voices in this way in the workplace.  The aim is always to foster participation & connection and to spark creativity.


Singing is an activity that is both flexible (time, venue, group size) and inclusive (across age, gender, background, experience)

Such a wonderful experience, Fiona is an incredible instructor and made me feel so comfortable to sing with the group. The songs were easy to learn and sounded great.

Thank you!      Nicole, Sydney


Singing together is a workplace activity that is easy to run, cost effective and benefits your team through:-

  • increased connection & sense of unity across teams

  • better inter personal & inter-departmental communication 

  • less stress, improved mental health

  • more engagement and creative approaches

  • stretching people to get outside their comfort zone - singing has a ripple effect.

Sessions can be one off or on-going. They can be run as stand alone activities or in conjunction with other events & programmes in the workplace or off site.


Sessions generally begin with some "ice breaker" light warm ups and then move to fun & simple songs & harmonies, that are taught by ear (no sheet music ).   

Yes, singing was part of the workplace through history.  And now we're coming back a full circle to understand that singing at work brings a myriad of benefits.  

Science continues to shed light on why & how singing together is good for us.

A University of Leicester study showed participants felt less stressed about their work and more socially connected after singing. In fact, they gained more support from the choir than from other social interactions at work.

The Surprising Benefits of Singing at Work  - Yahoo Finance 

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Singing is a Bonding Behaviour - Oxford University study - The Independent, UK


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