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Programmes to entertain, foster inclusion & build community through group singing.

Workplace Wellness - bringing harmony, cohesion & creativity to the work place

Event Energizer - break the ice, fuel connection & drive creative outcomes 

Workshops- Singing 2 Connect- (re) discover our natural voices & how they help us

Singing Circles- recharge, nourish & (re) connect - with our voice, ourselves & others

Across Our Generations - inter-generational group singing

Songs & Memories - aged care music programme


Workplace Wellness

A cost & time effective path to building connection, trust and confidence across the workplace.

Singing at work has been shown to reduce stress, build office cohesion & encourage creative collaboration.  Importantly, singing requires no special equipment or location and accessible & enjoyable across all demographics.

A workplace wellness activity that benefits:

  • Mental health & wellness

  • Stress reduction ( less absenteeism)

  • Team building & collaboration

  • Creativity & innovation - getting out of your comfort zone

  • Communication & presentation skills


Singing is not about perfection or performance.  It's about Connection.  To our authentic selves, to our roots, to the people around us.

Natura Voice Group singing allows us to (re) discover our singing voices and so empower ourselves to have our voices heard.  It needs to equipment, sheet music, complicated musical terminology and no experience.  

A Singing 2 Connect workshop starts with breathwork, then gentle humming, simple melodies and culminating in multiple layer harmonies that sound amazing!  

• Break through "I can't" mindset (with flow on effects to other areas of life)

• Learn a foolproof tool for self regulation & self expression

Improve breathing, posture, muscle tension and physical wellbeing

• Stimulate cognitive function through learning new songs​

• Pay attention to the present moment and reduce anxiety / stress hormone levels

Functions & events
Break the ice & start conversations.

Singing together unites people across ages and cultures.  It relieves stress,  increases confidence, boosts endorphins ('feel good hormones') and boosts neural fuctions (memory and concentration)  But all this aside, it's joyful.

A session of group singing is the perfect ice breaker for your multi-generational gathering, social or workplace get together.  Singing requires no fancy equipment.  It takes people just far enough out of their comfort zone to create a buzz, without overwhelming.


With an experienced facilitator, everyone can find their voice and participate.

Please contact me to discuss how we can add a burst of shared song to your event.


Women's Singing Circles

Come with Little Ones or as you are

Connect, relax and have fun in a supportive, child friendly environment with Natural Voice singing i.e. no auditions, no sheet music, no pressure, no judgement - if you can talk you can sing! 


Group singing is not only hugely enjoyable but has proven physical & mental health benefits.  A wonderful opportunity for women, mothers, sisters and grandmothers to take some time out, in a supportive, welcoming space. Children welcome.

Women's Singing Circle has postive flow on effects that last beyond the singing time.  

• Feeling connected to a community

• Improved breathing, posture, muscle tension and physical wellbeing

• Stimulate cognitive function through learning new songs

• Pay attention to the present moment and reduce anxiety / stress hormone levels


Across Our Generations
Inter-generational Group Singing

Unity across generations brings us happiness.  It’s how we evolved. Song & music are wonderful channels to share our common humanity across different ages.   


Many families are no longer multi-generational, through geography or circumstance. Seniors and those who care for preschool aged children are particularly vulnerable to social disconnection & isolation. Young children adore music and movement regardless of the genre.


Across the Generations brings these groups together with a pleasurable, but defined purpose.  To share song. Songs reminiscent of their youth. Songs that were sung with their parents, families & friends.  Add the simple, timeless songs for children sung in unashamed joyfulness.


A wonderful learning and growing experience - and bucketloads of fun.

Songs examples:-

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window

Red, Red Robin

You are My Sunshine

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Home on the Range

Puff the Magic Dragon


Songs & Memories
Aged Care Music Programme

Familiar songs light up our minds and take us back.  For residents living in Aged Care music is a bridge to their memories and sense of self.  Live music is fun, relatable and gives residents, staff and visitors a common experience to share, enabling them to relate in a joyful space.


For the aged care sector, I bring an appropriate & flexible repertoire of popular songs from the 30's to the 50’s, Australian & Irish folk songs, country music, popular classics from the likes of Elvis, the Beatles, John Denver and The Seekers along with international songs.

Songs examples:

Side by Side

Daisy Belle (Bicycle Built for 2)

I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Country Roads

Que Sera, Sera

Waltzing Matilda

The Road to Gundagai

Under The Boardwalk

Blue Moon

South of the Border

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