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You're invited to (re) discover the joy of using your voice in that way we call singing.

The benefits of group singing are well documented, but once out of childhood, many people are left feeling they "can't" or "shouldn't" use their voices for anything other than rational conversation.

Come together with your community to Find Our Voices. A gentle and fun exploration of voice and it's capacity to sooth & connect us. What are our voices for? What would it feel like to use them differently? You might be surprised!

First we'll connect gently with our breath & voice, then learn simple songs by ear (no sheet music) in a safe and relaxed environment. We'll layer up harmonies as the mood of the group & the afternoon takes us. You're also welcome to just listen at anytime that feels more comfortable.

Shower singers, "non-singers" and the simply curious all welcome!

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Finding Our Voices can be run as a 1 to 2.5 hour workshop for private groups.

Please get in touch to discuss your group & how I can help.


Group singing unites us like no other activity.  When people sing together, their heartbeats synchronise!   

The emphasis in "Singing 2 Connect"is on shared experiences of the "parts being greater than the whole".   


Learning what our voices are for (hint:  it's not about performance or persuasion!) fosters increased confidence, connection and individual wellbeing and leaves us feeling uplifted.

Build authentic connections & fast track trust through an easy, fun & memorable singing session.  

Sessions can be one off or on-going. They can be run as stand alone activities or in conjunction with other events & programmes.


Sessions generally begin with some "ice breaker" light warm ups and then move to fun & simple songs & harmonies, that are taught by ear (no sheet music ).   

Science continues to shed light on why & how singing together is good for us.

A University of Leicester study showed participants felt less stressed about their work and more socially connected after singing. In fact, they gained more support from the choir than from other social interactions at work.

The Surprising Benefits of Singing at Work  - Yahoo Finance 

The Unexpectedly Fascinating History of Singing at Work - History Is Now Magazine 

Singing Changes Your Brain - Time Magazine


Singing is a Bonding Behaviour - Oxford University study - The Independent, UK


The New Science of Singing Together - Greater Good Science Center, Berkley, USA

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