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About me

I have been singing & performing professionally for over 20 years. Underpinning all my work is a firm commitment to the restorative and healing powers of singing together.


I am a member of the international Natural Voice Network, a network of people who work with voice & song who believe that singing is everyone’s birth right, regardless of musical experience or ability. 

The NVN's philosophy recognises that all over the world, for thousands of years, people have sung — to express joy, celebration and grief, to aid healing, to accompany work, devotion and the rituals of life — without worrying about having a “good” voice or “getting it right”. Singing has been a part of life, a way of binding communities.

I have trained with the Community Interest Company (CIC) Singing Mamas (UK) who's work in the area of Group Singing for Perinatal Mental Health has been inspirational.

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A bilingual performer, I was one half of vocal/instrumental Latin duo Caramba for many years. This chapter of my life saw me performing in clubs, festivals and events in Sydney and internationally. 


Since 2016 I have worked solo, with my trusty guitar and voice reaching out to people of all ages.  

My aim is always to foster connection, encourage participation and empower people through finding their own voices.  I celebrate the power of genuine human connection through song to bridge ages & cultures.

I have studied Intergenerational Practice in the context of group singing  Griffith University

I usually work with cordless & wireless amplification to minimize distractions and barriers between the performer and audience.  

I have a Working with Children Check, a police check & full Public Liability insurance.

Clients include:

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